If only we could adopt the Mercedes-Benz way

The German division of Mercedes-Benz hire up to 2,000 apprentices in Germany annually. That equates to a third of the countries automotive industry employees in which they hire on a yearly basis.

Youth employment

Youth unemployment is one of the country’s biggest problems. The Labour Government attempted to tackle the issue when in power and seemed to making some progress. However under the new Coalition Government the problems are as bad as it has at it has ever been. It’s a worrying prospect which will mean future generations are bound to receive a lower income compared to what  can  achieve if they were working within a skilled trade or educating themselves.

The Mercedes-Benz model in Germany

Imagine if the Mercedes-Benz apprentice model was adopted by automotive companies in the UK. Many young automotive hopefuls would significantly increase their skill level and experience and potentially earn an excellent living in the future.

9 out 10 hired

There is a great amount of fairness and prosperity within the training programme. On average one out of every five is a woman. It is believed that 9 out of 10 young trainees will be successful in landing a job with the company leaving others to stay on with Mercedes-Benz on a short term basis.

The BBC reported that Jascha Fauss, a young nineteen year old from Germany is one of the lucky apprentices currently working for Mercedes-Benz. He has almost finished his three year course, with a prospect of him being offered a job for life at one of the world’s most popular and successful luxury car manufacturers. The majority of apprentices taken on by Mercedes-Benz unsurprisingly take this route.

Investment in youth employment has plenty of funding in Germany. The dedication to bringing about skill and prosperity to young people in the country is a top priority for the Government. That represents quite a strong contrast between the UK and Germany.

However, emulating this model is lot easier said than done. The UK’s automotive state perhaps doesn’t have the justifiable amount of money rolling in to fund such a project, even with the Government’s help (as it is done in Germany).

Let’s hope that the youth employment within the country begins to pick up and the future of automotive industry would look brighter.

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