Illinois family give their ‘pop pop’ the Mercedes he always dreamed of

Illinois-family-give-their-pop-pop-the-Mercedes-he-always-dreamed-ofAn elderly grandfather got the car he’d always coveted, when his family presented him with the vintage Mercedes-Benz 450 SL as a gift.

Under the impression it was in fact a gift for his granddaughter, the Illinois grandfather affectionately called ‘pop pop’ by his family, cried tears of joy as they broke the news to him.

On a video clip, that shows the moment the pensioner was presented with his new classic car, he can be heard saying “what are you talking about?” as he’s presented with the 450 SL.

The first thing he did was sit behind the wheel of his dream car, which once belonged to Sports Illustrated model Christine Brinkley.

‘Pop pop’ is unlikely to do much in the way of motoring himself however, as one of the family members in the clip can be overheard saying that Grandpa can no longer drive. Instead, the family have decided to take it in turns to ferry him where he needs to go in the town of Carol Streams. So far, visits have been paid to the elderly car home he lives at, and the town’s firehouse.

Watch the moment Grandpa receives his new car here on the link below:

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