Is Mercedes-Benz Now Wrapped Up In the Emissions Scandal?

Is Mercedes-Benz Now Wrapped Up In the Emissions ScandalThe question that is consistently on everyone who is interested in the car world’s mind is how many automobile makers have followed in the footsteps of Volkswagen? At random intervals, a new company seems to come out and surprise everyone by cheating the emissions laws. First it was Volkswagen and the companies attached to it in September 2015, Renault in January 2016 and then Mitsubishi in April 2016. Now, Mercedes-Benz has been asked to investigate their vehicles for the same reasons.

It has emerged that the United States Department of Justice has requested that Daimler (Mercedes-Benz parent company) conduct a thorough investigation into the alleged emissions scandal allegations. Mercedes have been consistently under scrutiny as owners have been consistently trying to file law suits against them in the US since February 2016. This investigation may just be the Department of Justice’s way of stopping the consistent suits they receive by proving that there has been no fraudulent emissions claims. But then, Mercedes could be involved in emissions cheating. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

There have been multiple tests undertaken so far by Mercedes and they all seem to comply with the emissions regulations but, there worries are circulating around the fact that Mercedes may have installed the same software as Volkswagen. This software enables the engine to cut off certain aspects when under test conditions, so when this fraudulent activity is undertaken, results show lesser emissions than when in real world driving.

We hope here that Mercedes haven’t got themselves involved in the scandal which is plaguing the motor world. We are sure they haven’t and it would be amazing for the company to be able to stop any ‘what could be ridiculous’ law suits being filed against them.

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