Jilted wife crashes Mercedes into husband and mistress

Jilted-wife-crashes-Mercedes-into-husband-and-mistressA Mercedes driver had the shock of his life in Bangkok, after his furious wife got wind of his extra-marital activities and deliberately crashed her car into the lovers so she could confront them.

In scenes that could have been lifted from a daytime romantic soap opera, the wife-on-the-warpath managed to tag four other vehicles that were unfortunate to be in the vicinity of her wayward other half’s white Mercedes.

The devastation at the scene was such that a four mile tailback quickly formed before order was restored by police officers.

The woman had tracked her husband as he sneaked away to see his mistress using GPS, she then caught up with his Mercedes and rammed it to stop him getting away.

Fortunately, the sturdiness of the Mercedes prevented anyone from being hurt.

The case has gripped the public in Bangkok, playing out on TV and social media.

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