Leicester City Players to be Rewarded with New Mercedes

Leicester City Players to be Rewarded with New MercedesLeicester City just recently pulled off one of the greatest sporting achievements that the UK has ever seen. They recently won the Premier League after being one of the hot favourites to be relegated. So as a reward for their efforts, each player may be rewarded with a brand new Mercedes-Benz.

The clubs chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, who is reportedly one of the richest men in Thailand with a net worth of £2 billion, is paying for this extravagant reward with his own money. The car which may be given as a reward, is the Mercedes-Benz B Class Electric Drive. Worth around £32,670 each, the Thai chairman is rumoured to spend around £1 million on this single reward for the 30 man squad.

The Mercedes B Class Electric Drive is one of the best electric cars that money can buy. Although a premier league footballer might not appreciate an electric family car, it still is impressive. Being the first purely electric car that Mercedes have produced, the vehicle has a range of 124 miles and can fully recharge in around three hours. Using the electric design system engineered by Tesla, the B Class can produce 174bhp, has a purposely limited top speed of 100mph (to save on battery power) and can do 0-60mph in around 7 seconds. So the vehicle is impressive there is no doubt about that. The engineering that has gone behind the vehicle is also ingenious, instead of creating new platform like the BMW i3, the B Class is simply modelled on the old B Class. Although it may be a lot heavier than the original B Class, the changing of the platform in order to accommodate for the electric engine has been a strike of engineering genius.

Congratulations to Leicester City on winning the Premier League. And although it is a rumour that the players will be rewarded with the Mercedes-Benz B Class Electric Drive, we are sure that Mercedes are hoping for this to happen.


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