Lewis Hamilton makes surprise visit to Mercedes-Benz driving academy

Lewis Hamilton, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 representative has made a surprising visit to the new Mercedes-Benz Driving Experience Centre. Located at the Silverstone Circuit, Mr Hamilton made the visit to launch brand new expansion plans.
Enhancing skills and confidence for the future

The idea of the Driving Academy is to develop the skills and confidence of younger drivers. This will ensure that younger drivers are equipped with enough skills to drive with safety in the future, naturally improving the standards of our roads.

The perfect place to start and learn…
The President and Chief Officer at Mercedes-Benz, Marcus Breitschwerdt said “Our new Driving Experience Centre at Silverstone Circuit is the perfect place to start learning to drive in a safe and controlled environment.  As a brand, safety has always been of utmost importance – vehicle safety and driver safety.  We are proud to have introduced so many safety innovations that we see in cars today and we are looking forward to equipping the next generation of drivers with the necessary skills to be more responsible behind the wheel.”
The Mercedes-Benz Driving School will have plenty of people take notice after the 2008 Formula 1 World Champion. 25 school children were also involved in helping Lewis Hamilton in his role as Driving Academy Ambassador. Local councils were also on hand to show their support for what is a magnificent scheme.

Lewis Hamilton was quoted to have said “It’s great that the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy is giving young people the opportunity to start learning to drive. By having the chance to master basic driving skills in the safe and controlled environment of the road layout at the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy, young people can gain confidence and focus on controlling the car before they have to deal with traffic situations out on the public roads.”

Silverstone Driving School
At the Silverstone driving school there will be a specific road layout which contains a numerous amount of road signs and various junctions, helping to create a realistic scenario.

All young drivers will be accompanied by Professional Instructors, meaning vehicles will be dual controlled for safety measures. Drivers will learn important everyday driving skills such as manoeuvring through roundabouts, braking, reversing, how to handle different situations mentally.

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