Lewis Hamilton’s new journey at Mercedes

hamilton_mercedesLewis Hamilton is in full swing with his new F1 team. He has had quite a successful start with Mercedes, finishing 5th Australia and 3rd in Malaysia last week.

He made a humorous mistake in Malaysia by stopping in the McLaren pit stop rather than Mercedes. This made headlines around the world for all the wrong reasons. Apart from that Hamilton has made great progress.

He may have even won the Malaysian Grand Prix, sticking close to Red Bull drivers Webber and Vettel towards the end but was under team orders to slow down to save on fuel. It was pretty much “impossible” for the 28 year old to challenge the front runners for a 1st place finish. Hamilton said “At the end I was fuel saving like you couldn’t believe, I was lifting and coasting everywhere, so there was no way I could compete with any of the people around me. But that’s motor racing. I’m sure if we were all on the same fuel it would have been a different situation. I’m confident with that.”

Hope for Mercedes to be the fastest

He hopes to be World Champion once again, believing that the future plans for Mercedes can help him achieve such feats.  The Englishman recently stated that he believes that his new team can develop the fastest car in F1. Hamilton said that at the moment Mercedes is the second fastest team behind Red Bull may be able to overtake them at some point later this year. The fact that Mercedes were actually able to keep up with Red Bull has come as a slight surprise not only to F1 fans but to Hamilton himself.

Special treatment for Hamilton

Like Red Bull, Mercedes was also involved in some controversy involving team orders. Lewis Hamilton’s teammate Nico Rosberg was instructed to stay behind Hamilton towards the end of the race even though he was easily able to overtake his teammate. This time round the team orders were actually followed unlike the drivers at Red Bull, with Vettel overtaking Webber, defying instructions.

Those team orders have lead to rumours that Hamilton has special treatment at Mercedes. He has since come out to deny any such favouritism is going on. He stated that Red Bull has a problem with their driver hierarchy which has caused a great deal of problems, but no such issues will occur at Mercedes.

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