Mercedes and Their New Supercar…

There have been multiple rumours surrounding Mercedes’ new supercar. The GT already is an excellent vehicle with multiple accolades and admirers around the world. The GT has excellent technical statistics and the looks to compete too. So, what are Mercedes testing right now which looks very similar?


Apparently adopting the name Mercedes-AMG GT-R, a new model, based on the current GT will become Mercedes’ flagship sports car. But, to accomplish this, the vehicle will most certainly have to be more powerful whilst also looking and performing better than the current GT. It is rumoured that they will share the same 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine but, the GT R will be tuned with more horsepower, in fact, it will have 535hp.

Much of the information gathered on this vehicle has come from the tyre company Michelin. We are aware that there have been special tyres created for this vehicle named Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R-Compound Tyres. A mouthful for some tyres, right?

When a new vehicle is based upon an old one, especially when it is being created as a flagship model to an already successful model, then there will always have to be multiple changes for the better. At the moment we are unaware of what they are but, expect there to be multiple alterations to the chassis, suspension, steering, brakes and handling in order to keep the powerful vehicle grounded. Grounding will have to be important too considering the vehicle has lost 100kg of weight in comparison to its predecessor.

There is also one big rumour occurring in the motoring world which involves the GT R. Apparently, spy shots taken of the sports car actually show two separate vehicles. The exhaust and air intakes are in different positions for two different vehicles. Either there is a GT R and a GT facelift, or there is some really good camouflage in place. Either way, good job Mercedes, we can’t wait to see the vehicle…

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