Mercedes Are the Company Which Won’t Be Sinking Too Soon

Mercedes-Benz is a luxury range of cars which are now the most recognisable brands ever. They have consistently engineered and manufactured some of the best cars ever. But more recently, Mercedes have ventured into other forms of luxury.

The most recent venture for Mercedes was a boating experience undertaken by Mercedes in partnership with the boating brand cigarette. The partnership created the fastest electric boat to ever hit the waters. Last year also, Mercedes in partnership with Fraser Hospitality created luxury apartments in Kensington as part of a wider company project. And that’s right, you’ve guessed it, Mercedes are at it again.

This time round, Mercedes have combined the two in order to create a luxury boat. Named the Arrow460-Granturismo, the luxury yacht was recently spotted on the French Rivera; believe us when we say that the yacht is a sight to behold. At 14 metres long, with 947 bhp, a 1,200 litre fuel tank, this boat can hit speeds of 46mph. There are also two diesel engines which contribute to its power, but that information is boring right?

Mercedes Are the Company Which Won’t Be Sinking Too Soon

Right. The most interesting feature of this boat is not found within its statistics but instead, within its luxury standing. The boat can hold up to ten people, it has retractable beds and tables found all over, it has a luxury bedroom and fitting room, air conditioning, a sound system, ice machine and a wine cellar (for some reason). As well as this, the interior is lined with eucalyptus wood and nubuck leather. As previously mentioned, this yacht has basically been designed for its luxuriousness and costing £1.2 million, it certainly holds up to this. If you are looking to purchase this boat, you must be warned that there are only ten available, and Mercedes have ensured that there will only be one allocated to a country so, they will be extremely rare.

I don’t know about you but, I doubt there will be one cruising down the River Thames any time soon.

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