Mercedes Attempt to Rival Tesla with Home Batteries

Mercedes-Attempt-to-Rival-Tesla-with-Home-BatteriesThe Tesla Powerwall was released in the summer of 2015 and since then, it has been powering homes using for the better part of a year. Now though, Mercedes have created a rival home battery unit and are looking to compete with Tesla in this market.

The units have been created by Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE, a seperate Daimler subsidiary since 2015. The batteries so far have only been created in an industrial size and only sold to industrial companies; the new development will therefore seek to bring the technology into the everyday home. According to a press release by Daimler, Mercedes’ parent company, ‘some 500 installers throughout Germany have already undergone training in collaboration with the partners.’ So the home battery project undertaken by Mercedes is serious, and if undertaken cleverly, a huge demand for these home batteries could be found and utilised across Europe.

Daimler has invested around $500 million into a new battery factory. Therefore, thousands of batteries can be created. Although this sounds like a huge investment, it must be noted that Tesla already has a 10 million square feet battery factory and a demand of around 40,000 batteries. So Mercedes’ competition is tough but, at Servicing Stop, we believe that the German automotive factory have the ability to compete.

At this moment in time, Mercedes’ lithium-ion home battery unit is only available in Germany but, the company will soon look to sell this product on an international market.

The world of the electric car is interesting and although it is only early days in this new market, automotive companies are already branching out to convenience the everyday lives of the general public. It will therefore be interesting to see how future automotive advances will affect our general lives…

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