Mercedes’ Batteries

Mercedes-BatteriesIncreasing the power and size of a battery is the biggest challenge faced by automotive companies today. Many consumers have range fear which means that EV’s will not be bought until that battery range is much better. Mercedes, with their new battery, may be one step closer to fitting bigger batteries in their vehicles.

The vehicle which will most likely feature the new and improved battery will be the S 500 e. The S 500 e will be a plug-in hybrid featuring a big 13.3 kWh battery. This battery will allow for 53% increase in battery powered miles. This is extremely impressive considering the amount of time which has gone into researching battery lives.

Mercedes have stated that the new battery will be the ‘next major technological leap will be made in 2017, starting with the facelift of the S 500 e: for the first time, fully electric operating ranges exceeding 50 km will be made possible by a further development of the lithium-ion battery together with a further optimized, intelligent operating strategy.’

There are also multiple rumours circulating in the motoring world that the new battery in the Mercedes S 500 e will be charged wirelessly and quicker than ever before. The wireless charging will allow Mercedes owners to have a platform installed at home and when the S 500 e is placed over the top of it, then charging can commence. Many have however argued that if the car is off by a matter of inches then it may not charge. Maybe autonomous parking or help via the infotainment screen may help. Mercedes also hope that the battery will charge quicker as to eradicate consumer concerns about range.

The vehicle will also feature exterior, interior and many other technological changes as Mercedes hope that the S 500 e will sell better than its closest rivals’. We are sure that the S 500 e will be a huge hit.

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