Mercedes-Benz is the neighbour from hell

We have some negative news from America to report today about Mercedes-Benz. Residents alongside the companies dealerships located on the 11th Avenue in New York have complained of noise levels.

Six air vents

There is no surprise, with six huge air vents blowing a tremendous of air which hit surrounding buildings. The amount of noise created is said to be wholly unbearable from neighbours alongside the building. According to some they are not even able to sleep at night. During the day they continue to be frustrated with the noise still occurring.  One resident said “I live on the side that’s facing the air vents. It’s incredibly irritating and annoying. It’s an overwhelming sound. It sounds like a vacuum cleaner in a wind tunnel.”

Other horrifying quotes include “They’re venting the building’s exhaust literally in our faces,”


Fixing the problems – General Manager


Blair Creed, who is the General Manager at the Mercedes-Benz dealership has admitted that the noise levels are too high and has said that progress is being made to fix the problem. He said

“We know we were exceeding the decibel levels — we have a citation that states that. Our engineering company has put together an initial study but not a final proposal of what materials and engineering are going to be required. When that’s going to be finalized I can’t tell you.”


He went on to describe how the company recognises that the conditions are quite difficult to deal with. “It has made conditions less than ideal for all of you, especially those of you at eye level to the exhaust system,”


City of New York Intervention


The complaint level is so rife that The City of New York has intervened. They have condemned the dealership for exceeding the decibel limits within their dealership. Residents will want that engineering plan mentioned to be finalised as quick as possible.


It seems quite strange how the building facilities in question were actually granted in the first place. Wasn’t that level of noise foreseen when the initial plans were put in place?


Mercedes-Benz have said that their 330,000 square foot dealership is one that operates with great efficiency, displaying a host of beautiful cars. The $30 million building has clearly not won any fans outside however.


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