Mercedes-Benz sales in India on the up

As we reported a few days ago that Mercedes-Benz was not doing particularly well in the Chinese market, we can now report that the company are doing a lot better in another part of Asia.

The sales of this year compared to last year

Their recent success in the Indian car market represents their brilliant execution of their strategy to survive in India. September sales were up by 12% in India compared to the same period last year. The company have sold 5635 cars in the country between January and September of this year. This represents a huge improvement as the company sold 4159 throughout the same time period last year.

The E-Class has sold particularly well in the country, with the C-Class being the company’s overall top seller in India (which is the case with most countries). The E-Class sold 333 in September of this year which represents a 30% growth compared to September of last year, where 257 cars were sold. The C-Class was sold 293 times and also represents a growth of 30%. The S-Class sold a respectable 49 times in September. Between January and September of this year, the E-Class and the S-Class sold very well with 4905 cars being sold compared to 3748 sold last year.

The future in the country is looking good

Debashis Mitra who is the Director of Marketing & Sales said that the new C-Class proved to be a huge significance in attracting Indian customers to the brand. He said “The growing preference amongst customers for a premium brand like Mercedes-Benz reiterates their faith in our exciting product offering, world class after sales service and our impeccable brand value. The launch of the exciting New C-Class and the aggressive launch calendar this festive season has helped us retain the on-going good momentum. Overall we are going good and well on course towards achieving our targets and are bullish on the future.”

A lot of work to go

In what is known as one of the toughest markets to crack, Mercedes-Benz has done very well in the Indian car market. Can they continue their achievements and achieve further success next year? It will be a slow and steady process for the German automotive giants if they are to do so. India is a country where the smaller cars sell better. Luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles are sold a lot slower as they are seen as premium and extremely reputable cars, with a price tag to represent that. The company will be looking into different strategies to conquer a market where there is plenty of opportunity.


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