Mercedes-Benz stepping up their game in India

Mercedes-Benz is struggling in India at present. BMW are still the number one luxury brand in the country and Audi are the fastest growing manufacturer in the country.

In order to counter the unfavoured situation, Mercedes have rolled out their ML 250 CDI Sports Utility Vehicle. The spectacular vehicle was made available on the market last week. The new ML is in essence a smaller version of the ML 350 CDI. The pricing of the vehicle is extremely competitive, a piece of news that is sure to send alarm bells to BMW and Audi. The Q5 and the X5 now have a serious rival to contend with.

The 2,143 cc four cylinder diesel engine delivers a maximum of 204 BHP. A seven speed automatic transmission along with the All Wheel Drive system helps the vehicle to attain a fantastic driving experience. Compared to rivals, the Audi Q5 contains a 3.0 litre V6 diesel engine capable of hitting a maximum of 236 BHP and a maximum peak of 500 Nm. The car also has turbo chargers and common rail technology. In terms of engine performance the Audi probably edges out the Mercedes here.

The Mercedes-Benz ML 250 CDI is quite a significant vehicle in many more respects. It is the first Sports Utility vehicle to be produced away from its production plant in Tuscaloosa.

Last year, BMW and Mercedes-Benz met their target of Indian sales in 2011 of 10,000. Audi were behind these two, meeting their target of 5,000. Although Audi finished third they were the fastest growing manufacturer in the country and continued their growth spurt all the way until this year, managing to knock Mercedes off their perch and claim the number two spot.

Mercedes-Benz is hoping to change all of the with their new ML 250 CDI model. The company believe that they can win over the Indian market once again.

They are the number one currently in the world’s second largest car market, the United States. There is a major battle between them and BMW for the number one spot.

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