Mercedes-Benz traverse the UK entirely off road

Mercedes-Benz-traverse-the-UK-entirely-off-roadMercedes-Benz has given a pretty impressive demonstration of their ability to off-road. A fleet of the company’s best 4×4’s has traversed the Scottish highlands, from the east coast to the west, not once setting tyre treads on a public road.

In what the German car maker believes is a first, the mixture of GLE, GLS, and G-Class Mercs retained their standard UK specification with road legal mud tyres, apart from the removal of the side steps.

The G-Class, with its permanent all-wheel drive 4MATIC set up, low range gearbox and three fully lockable differentials, has been available since 1979. All examples are built by hand at the company’s production factory in Austria.

The GLS, with its quilted leather massage seats, is slightly less utilitarian, but still comes complete with a centre differential lock, protective underbody panelling, low-range gearbox, fully manual mode for the automatic transmission, unique off-road programming for the ABS, ESP and 4ETS traction control; plus an additional three selectable ride heights for its AIRMATIC suspension. The GLW is more usually seen performing the school run then serious off-roading, but when fitted with the same off-road kit as the GLE, it handled the 65-mile highland jaunt easily.

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