Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell wins green award

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell has won the “Most energy efficient light commercial vehicle” at RAC Brighton to London Future Car Challenge.

Mercedes-Benz reaction

Steven Bridge, the Van Sales & Marketing Director for Mercedes-Benz highlighted the vehicles ability to drive long distances whilst not using much energy.

He said “This is a fantastic accomplishment for the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL. As a full factory built and supported vehicle, we know it has a great deal to offer operators. This event has proved that the vehicle has a useable range and is very capable in terms of its low energy consumption.”
The van only used 72% of its electric charge throughout the whole journey, which is quite an achievement.

Hyde reaction

Hyde, who were involved in the E-Cell project, highlighted their determination to prepare for future practices when it comes to use of natural resources.  Tom Shaw, the Development Project Manager for the company was quotes to have said “Hyde has been at the forefront of the sustainable building design agenda for over a decade. We have a five year plan to become the sector leader in environmental sustainability, reducing our reliance on natural resources and being prepared for the future climate. Hyde’s investment in electric vehicle infrastructure in Brighton & Hove is one of a number of sustainability initiatives which will be delivered through the regeneration of the city’s “Open Market” site. The Electric Vehicle club proposed to be set up with our partner City Car Club will enable Hyde residents, local people and businesses to live and trade more sustainably.”

Electromotive reaction

Electromotive, another partner involved in the project alongside Hyde are equally as resolute to bring electric vehicles forward. Calvey Taylor-Haw, the Managing Director of the company said “Sustainable developments such as these will be accompanied hand-in-hand by a rise in sustainable transport. Innovative, pioneering schemes like this show how the EV charging infrastructure could develop organically, and how electric vehicles can work for consumers and commercial owners alike.”

It’s a very special van that will fit right in with consumer’s future needs. It emits zero emissions, making it extremely environmentally friendly. Production of the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell started last year with 2000 vans planned for release soon.

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