Mercedes Can and Will Be Going 100% Bio-Diesel

Mercedes can and will soon be fitting all of their vehicles in India with 100% Bio-Diesel. This comes as the Supreme Court issued a ban on the registration and use of diesel SUV’s and high end vehicles with over 2000cc’s.

Mercedes are the company that has been the worst affected by this news as there is not a single unit in their fleet on sale in India which is under the 2000cc engine size requested by the Supreme Court.

Nitin Gadkari, India’s Road Transport and Highways Minister noted that Mercedes ‘can use 100 percent bio-diesel in their cars and buses’ as business was undertaken between the two parties. The chief of Mercedes India then stated that they can easily comply with the legal regulations required of the bio-diesel plans. So, it looks as if all of the Mercedes-Benz fleet will definitely run off bio-diesel fuel from this point on.


It must be reiterated that Mercedes are not the only company who have been affected as a result of the Supreme Court’s ruling on diesel. The ban which ended on March 31st 2016 but, it is believed to be enacted again. The Supreme Court also increased tax on diesel trucks entering Delhi and barred any trucks older than 10 years in order to control the extensive air pollutants which are plaguing the city. What this shows the motoring world then, is that Mercedes are trying very hard in order to not only be eco-friendly, but pave the way in green automation.

It is a very good sign that both India, as one of the world’s biggest pollutants, and Mercedes as another pollutant, are working together to try and change the face of the world for the better… we are sure or hope that soon, this will occur globally.

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