Mercedes’ Electric War

Mercedes-Electric-WarWell because of the recent rise in the popularity of the electric car sky rocketing, a result has been the major automotive companies battling it out to become the leader in this ever growing market. We have seen the likes of Tesla grow rapidly, BMW rise and then stop their project (even after the i8) and now Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes all want to become the EV markets kingpin.

It can be argued that Mercedes have been the company to really attempt to break into the electric car market (outside of Tesla of course). They have recently invested billions into the electric vehicle market and have also promised multiple electric vehicles to be produced within the next five years. These are all big steps but, a bigger step may have just been taken by the German automotive company. Daimler AG and Mercedes hope to unveil a long distance EV at the up and coming Paris Auto Show this October.

The vehicle, which will be on display in Paris, will feature a battery life of up to 310 miles. This is a huge amount considering the company have also promised that they will have the vehicle in production by the end of the decade.

This is definitely an inevitable consequence of Volkswagens emissions scandal and the stricter EU emissions laws being placed upon car manufacturers worldwide. Mercedes may be taking advantage of the electric vehicle market in Germany through this new EV.  The EV hasn’t been too successful but with the German government’s new EV grant, Mercedes can certainly capitalise on this.

This is just the start of Mercedes Electric Vehicle campaign. If they manage to get a foothold in the European EV market than they may later be able to compete with the likes of Tesla on the American stage, we will have to see though.

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