Mercedes Fuel Cell Vehicle

Mercedes-Fuel-Cell-VehicleThe electric vehicle is the hottest part of the market right now as automotive companies battle each other for electric vehicle supremacy. Mercedes have promised that they will bring out four new all electric vehicles by 2020. Recently we mentioned that one of these vehicles will be ready in the foreseeable future but, it is now known that Mercedes will be releasing a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in 2018, they hope.

It is yet unknown if the vehicle which will be released is the one that Mercedes hope to exhibit at the Paris Auto Show in 2017. The only evidence that this is the case is that the EV described earlier, and this hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will both have a range of around 310 miles. They may be the same vehicle after all, but if they are then we will have more information, and if they aren’t, then another EV won’t be a bad thing.

Hydrogen fuel cars are a very small segment at the moment with only Toyota, Honda and Mercedes back in 2010 having released a realistically useable vehicle. Now though, we are a step closer to a witnessing a green SUV named the GLC F-Cell. The money invested by Daimler into green technologies will total $10.67 billion and will inevitably change the face of the automotive world. The vehicle, except from its green capabilities will be extremely close to the vehicles found on our streets now. The vehicle will run by hydrogen gas which is converted to electricity, this then makes the vehicle run. Mercedes have stated that it takes the same time to fill up the gas tank as it does filling up a tank of normal fuel.

Mercedes have created a first here as the vehicle will be the first plug-in hybrid. It will sell well there is no doubt about it, plus depending on the selling price, the GLC F-Cell will be a relatively cheap option, especially due to running costs.

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