Mercedes Have a Class of Their Own

Mercedes-Have-a-Class-of-Their-OwnMercedes are consistently upgrading their vehicles classes as a means to not only compete in a very competitive market, but to also strive to be the best automotive manufacturer possible. The idea of not having to compete in some cases can be seen more and more recently, well in certain aspects anyway. In certain categories, such as the G Class, Mercedes are not competing in a main market; the same may be said for some of the models which will feature in the German company’s E Class.

The E Class is about to receive a nice new reshuffle which will certainly help it to dominate more niche markets. The two major focuses of the new E Class is the estate and the wagon models which will be offered.

The estate car looks very similar to the already available C Class estate, but thanks to new horizontal rear lights and a ranked tailgate the estate car certainly looks sportier. The wagon on the other hand will definitely be the best wagon available on the market once it is released. Again possessing a sporty look, the 7 seat family vehicle will boast a 670 litre boot which when the seats are pushed forward, there will be 1,820 litres of space.

There will also be multiple powertrains available to those wanting to purchase the E Class. From a 194hp 2.0 litre engine, to a 258hp 3.0 litre diesel turbo, the largest offered engine will be a 401hp 3.0 litre twin turbo V6 petrol engine. So there most certainly is a wide selection available.

The Chairman of Mercedes-AMG, Tobias Moers stated that ‘In recent months we have considerably expanded our model range for performance-oriented customers with our new 43 models, creating numerous new ways of entering the world of Mercedes-AMG. The new E43 4Matic Estate adds a particularly versatile alternative for business and recreation to this portfolio.’

Looks like the new E Class will certainly be a huge success in their very niche markets, let’s hope so anyway…

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