Mercedes Have Announced All New EV Range for 2020

With the industry now being dominated by the rise of the electric vehicle, Mercedes have decided to announce the launch of four new EV’s which will launch in 2020. This comes as Mercedes’ rivals have also released similar news with their EV’s released for similar dates.


Mercedes have released the statement and have given away a few clues to what will occur but, at this moment time, there is very little available in regards to the new EV range. At Servicing Stop, we are aware that there will be the introduction of four new vehicles. Two of these will be sedans, whilst the other two will be SUV’s.

It is also understood that the EV’s will also be based on Mercedes’ already existing vehicles, although the word based is used widely. It has been rumoured that the sedans will be based on the current S Class and C Class whilst the SUV’s will be based on the current GLA and GLC models. But apparently, Mercedes have stated that there will definitely be specific design cues on these four vehicles as a means to make them a distinct class of their own. Although the vehicles will definitely look different, they will all use Mercedes’ current MEA platform, unless a revolutionary new platform is created before the 2020 deadline. Mercedes have most probably used the current vehicles design template as a means to save on production costs and as a result, they will be able to undercut their rivals like Tesla.


The creation of four new EV’s will help Mercedes to rival the likes of Audi and Tesla. With the announcement of the electric vehicle subsidiary by the German government, of which the likes of Tesla are not entitled to, Mercedes will surely break into the electric vehicle market sooner and better than previously expected.

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