Mercedes’ Investment in Eco-Engines Growing

Mercedes’ Investment in Eco-Engines GrowingMercedes recently stated that they were going to invest a huge sum of money into making their engines as eco friendly as possible. In February 2016, the German company stated that they would be investing $2.9 billion for a plan that would see every one of their vehicles fitted with a cleaner engine by 2019. More recently however, Mercedes have stated that they will be increasing that investment sum to $3.35 billion.

The plan which they are implementing with the huge sum of money will be a huge task. The luxury German company already have the technology which they will put into their vehicles after five years hard work. Mercedes plan to use catalytic reduction technology, particulate filters for gasoline engines and selective reduction catalysts (SRC) to capture and decrease the huge range of pollutants that are normally produced. Mercedes will also be introducing turbo-charging optimisation, fuel injections and intercooling technology to reduce carbon emissions at different temperatures. The emissions and engine usage at different temperatures is seen as a grey area in the motoring world. Opel as an example, were recently questioned about this very matter in relation to the emissions scandal.

As we have already mentioned, the project to produce this technology has taken around five years. We have also mentioned that Mercedes is already investing $2.9 billion. Now, to ensure that the plan is definitely going to be enacted, the final investment figure is going to be $3.35 billion. So, this new investment isn’t as much considering the sum produced in February. The engine and tech is fully developed and every Mercedes vehicle sold from 2019 will feature this.

Considering that this plan has been in the pipeline for five years, at least we can thank one company for taking the initiative and caring about the environment to some extent. Either that or they saw a trend occurring far before any other motoring company has.

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