Mercedes is Closer to the EV Launch

Mercedes-is-Closer-to-the-EV-LaunchWe reported a few months ago that Mercedes were planning to launch a completely new electric range of vehicles for 2020 in a bid to curb the heavy amount of pollution emitted from petrol and diesel vehicles. Mercedes are now one small step closer to completing the promise. Even though it is a small step, it is a step in the right direction and at least it shows that one automotive company are trying to stick to their promises.

The small step previously mentioned is the news that Mercedes will be unveiling an all electric concept SUV at the up and coming Paris Motor Show in October. With the unveiling of the concept SUV which is now undergoing production, we expect to see the future of Mercedes’ all new all electric range. The concept will show exterior design cues, the layout of the interior, hints towards any sort of technological advancement and the overall dimensions of the SUV.

Planned to be released in 2019, the SUV will be the first in a series of four vehicles which Mercedes will sell on the market. We expect to see two crossover SUV’s and two sedans all with different electric powertrains and driving ranges between 200 and 400 miles.

The release of the all electric concept SUV at the Paris Motor Show will certainly show the motoring world the future base of which Mercedes will base their all electric range from. The German Luxury company will attempt to rival Audi and Tesla in this department and although we think they will do very well, we won’t know until October comes around. We are looking forward to the release of this concept, the future is coming round very quickly and it seems as if Mercedes are the automotive company who are dragging us there.

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