Mercedes’ New Crossover Caught Again

We can’t tell you about the immense popularity of the crossover SUV. By adding a new body kit, adding extra ride height and bumping up the price, a global car revolution has occurred and all the major motoring company’s want to get involved. Mercedes are of course no different. But, they already have a few crossovers out on the market already, so what could they do?


The answer to that is very simple. Just hand it over to the guys at the AMG subsidiary and let them tune it up before it is sold for even more money than before. This is exactly what Mercedes-AMG is doing and the vehicle, which will be unveiled soon, has been caught testing again.

Reportedly named the GLC 63, the crossover SUV will be equivalent to the current C 63 AMG but will be built on a different platform. Nothing about the interior is yet known, the exterior camouflage is all off, and the result is what you would expect from a Mercedes-AMG vehicle; simply stunning. With modified rear ends, big fenders, model specific trims and lower air ducts, we expect the crossover SUV to also feature upgraded sport seats, a new steering wheel and an updated dashboard with specific instrument clusters.

Basing already known knowledge of the C 43 AMG, we also expect the GLC 63 to come equipped with twin-turbocharged 4.0 litre V8 engine with around 500 hp. As well as that, expect it to also feature an upgraded chassis, re-tuned steering system, brakes and air body control systems.

What Mercedes have done here is excellently play the current market although; we probably won’t see the crossover SUV until the Paris Auto Show later this year. When the vehicle goes on sale, expect it to be a very popular model for Mercedes, especially in India and China.

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