Mercedes’ Pimped Out Van

Mercedes is known as one of the leading luxury automotive manufacturers. So, what happens when you mix one of the most luxurious car manufacturers with a company who also specialise in the same field but for interiors instead? Well you would only get the creation of the Mercedes JetVan wouldn’t you?

What is the JetVan then? Well simply put, it is just an even more luxurious Mercedes Sprinter. Becker Automotive has been altering the SUV and vans of the automotive world in order for them to become highly productive, dignified and discreet luxury transports. But not only that, the company then furthered this already highly regarded interior and philosophy, by adding armoured protection to their line up. So, it is obvious that Becker Automotive means business. The company after years of creating these super luxurious vehicles then partnered with Daimler in 2009, to work on and upfit the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter into a highly sophisticated and luxurious vehicle for the super wealthy.


On Becker Automotives’ website, they describe the Mercedes Sprinter JetVan as ‘a rare product that confers upon its owner the ability to be productive and stay connected in a full mobile office environment, while transporting them in a fashion unequalled by any automobile or limousine. Indeed, riding in the JetVan™ spoils one forever when it comes to doing business on the go, entertaining friends, or just resting or relaxing throughout the journey.’ It must be really special with that description.

There are multiple reasons for why the vehicles can cost an average of around $400,000. Apart from the Austrian leather seats, the hand tuft carpets and the on-board military-spec internet services, the interior can be completely customized depending on the buyer’s demands. This customization can go as far as adding completely new technologies of one’s desires.

The vehicle is impressive and nothing can be said against that, the vehicles can take up to eight months to be upfitted, but will most certainly be one of the most luxurious means of transport.

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