Mercedes to Help More People go Off Road

Mercedes’ G Class is rarely talked about when it is pitted up against the company’s luxury sports cars, coupes, hatchbacks and estate vehicles. We all know about the C Class, B Class and the S Class, so why now, when no one really knows too much about the G Class, are we talking about it? Well, the reason for this is that there is going to be a brand new G Class available to buy, and it may just blow the classic SUV market wide open.


The G Class has been available to purchase for four decades now. Originally, the vehicle was extremely rugged and designed for what its purpose should be, travelling off road. But over time, with Mercedes’ business plan heading further and further towards luxury consumers, the G Class has lost that original appeal. But now, the SUV in this regards has gone back to its roots. What Mercedes have done, is strip the vehicle of its most luxurious features and left it with the most necessary parts to easily accomplish off road driving.

Firstly, the vehicle looks more menacingly rugged. They have accomplished this by adding on a new large steel bumper, a flat back grille and added new trims which enhance the SUV’s adventurously rugged appeal. For those who like to travel off road regularly, then rejoice. The SUV is a four wheeled drive, it also has three sequentially lockable differentials, better approach and departure angles and if deemed necessary, an optional protective upgrade too.

The new G Class has 3.0 litre turbo-diesel V6 engine which produces 245hp. This in turn allows the vehicle to do 0-60mph in 8.8 seconds whilst achieving a top speed of around 100mph. But the most impressive fact is its ability to tow around 3200kg.

As we have previously mentioned, the G Class is over 40 years old and for the first time in a long while, there will be a G Class SUV which will be less than six digits, finally…

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