Pressure on Mercedes for the new season

There has been a great amount of pressure on Mercedes for the new season of F1. Since the signing of Lewis Hamilton was announced, many expect the German team to significantly improve their standards and final position next season.

Not good enough

Dieter Zetsche believes that the team are in a great position to win the title in 2014. He attended the Detroit Motor Show and was speaking about the team’s chances next season in the F1 championship. He said that the performance last season was simply not good enough.

New engine

Lewis Hamilton would have sought assurances about Mercedes’ plans regarding technology.  Recently the company released images of their 2014 F1 season engine which they have stated will put ‘Motor back in motorsport’.

One of the best things about motorsport if you’re a fan is the sound from which the engine creates. Andy Cowell, the Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines has stated that the sound will not be compromised. The current V8 engines were a highlight for many fans last season. Mr Cowell said that the engines would be loud but will not sound too aggressive.

Adrian Newey, Red Bull Chief believes that power units will be a critical factor in deciding the winner of the 2014 F1 Championship. He claimed that it was a bit too early to be discussing the exact impact of the power units but said it would be important.

The difference between the systems will be the power being produced deriving from the Energy Recovery System as well as the engine itself. There is no difference in power however, the engine will still produce the 750 BHP figure from last year.

Lewis Hamilton’s move, a good idea or a bad idea

Lewis Hamilton’s move to Mercedes has been highly published in the media and has been drawn in for criticism. Jackie Stewart was recently outspoken regarding the issue claiming Hamilton is risking his long term future. He said the immense pressure of the team to win will bring too much pressure on the British driver, like it has done to previous drivers. He has also doubted Hamilton’s ability to remain consistent throughout a whole season.

Lewis Hamilton does however have his fans. Ferrari legend Michael Schumacher has said that Hamilton can become a major success at Mercedes with a more improved car.

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