Stuntman rides a mile on bonnet of Mercedes attempting to stop thieves


A film stuntman rode almost a mile on the bonnet of his Mercedes-Benz, after thieves tried to make off with the E250 CDI following a test drive.

Matt Spooner had been accompanying the prospective ‘buyer’ as he took the Merc for a spin round High Wycombe, Bucks, but was then “assaulted from behind” after the man refused to get out of the car.

“Next thing I knew, he was in the car and I had myself a serious situation on my hands,” Mr Spooner told the BBC.

“I ran round to the front and asked him politely to step out. I then ended up on the front of the vehicle and it began to move.

“I realised that this was it, so I got my feet off the ground and held on tight and that was it, we were away.”

Mr Spooner, who works with film stunt teams, jumped on the bonnet as the car sped off, riding for almost a mile in an experience described by police as horrific.

The car was driven onto the A40 by the thief who then slowed down allowing the stuntman the opportunity to roll down the vehicle’s side and off the side of the kerb.

Mr Spooner, who was selling the car to pay for a family holiday, said: “I’m definitely not a hero, and no-one else should do this.”

Although he helps film crews devise stunts, he added: “It’s a bad plan to do them yourself.”

Pc Francesca Keen, of Thames Valley Police, said: “This was a horrific incident which has left the victim understandably shaken.

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