Tesla increase Model 3 production

j-2Tesla have ramped up production of their Model 3 electric car, boosting revenues significantly in the months leading up to June.

Optimising productivity has long been one of the primary goals of Elon Musk, as he strives to firmly establish Tesla as a powerhouse within the electric vehicle market. The Model 3 is the first ‘affordable’ car the company have released and the aim is have produced 55,000 units by the end of July.

“It’s really kind of a mind-blowing leap forward,” Mr Musk said on a call with financial analysts.

Tesla plan to open a new factory in China in the coming months, capable of turning out 250,000 a year.

Despite the giant strides forward the company has made over the past years, it is still running at a loss. Musk says the aim is to become profitable in the second half of the year.


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