The Next Convertible Mercedes

The summer is upon us and what better way to celebrate it by buying a convertible, if you can afford it anyway. So before the summer begins, Mercedes have updated their SL500 in order to sell,  and sell well.


So the 2016 facelift is an impressive facelift that’s for certain. The body has undergone a huge change. Has this been done by going to the gym to achieve the perfect summer body? No, the Mercedes has now been kitted out in a new all aluminium body shell and placed upon a new platform. This has enabled the vehicle to lose a lot of unnecessary weight. There is also a new diamond radiator grille, headlights and an extended bonnet which when all combined, give the vehicle a classic car edge.

When a lot of weight has been lost and a new engine installed then a car will be quick. This car certainly is. A new 4.7 litre twin-turbo V8 engine has been mounted alongside a new 9G-Tronic nine speed gear box. This allows the car to now have 449hp, do 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds and hit top speeds of 155 even with an electronic speed limiter. Are you impressed so far?

Well if not, rest assured that the SL500 is also equipped with multiple technologies too. From active body control to autonomous brakes, radar cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, lane and parking assists to different dynamic driving modes, the vehicle is at the pinnacle of automotive technology. Many argue that the different driving modes offered by cars are in fact useless; the SL500’s driving modes are far from this. Offering Comfort, Sport, Sport+, Individual and Eco mode, each mode really does offer the convertible a separate feel. For instance, in comfort mode the engine cannot be heard even with the roof down, but whilst in Sport mode, you can hear the V8 engine in all of its glory.

The Mercedes SL500 really has stepped up with this facelift. The most pleasant surprise is its unintentional transformation into an AMG series. It hasn’t been touched by Mercedes’ high performance AMG department but with the £82,866 price tag, it does feel like they have tinckered with it slightly.

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