The Return of the Smart Car

The-Return-of-the-Smart-CarThe Smart car company as owned by Daimler was once very popular, especially during the early noughties. We then saw it basically fade from existence until this year, when it suddenly made a huge come back. In fact, the Smart car has probably been the automotive world’s surprise of the year. So, it looks as if the update of the Smart car, which is set to be unveiled at the end of the month, has coincided perfectly with high sales.

Set to be officially unveiled at the Paris Auto Show in October 2016, the fourth generation of the Smart car looks to completely change the fortunes of the small company. There will of course be multiple upgrades to the vehicle, but sadly these are unknown at this moment in time. We are aware that the coupe and cabrio models will remain in the line up, so we will have to inform you on any other information we have when we have it.

There are however some big changes which have occurred in the Smart line-up. Firstly, Smart will be offering the forfour which will be the company’s first ever four seated vehicle. This makes a huge change from everything that they’ve done before. Secondly, Smart will be offering all of its vehicles in either a diesel of all electric form. Because of this, Smart will become the first company to offer all vehicles as an all electric. It isn’t too hard to accomplish considering the small amount of vehicles they have but nevertheless, it is a milestone for the electric vehicle world.

The fourth generation of the Smart car is set to be officially unveiled at the Paris Auto Show in October 2016. Then they are expected to hit US forecourts towards the end of this year and Europe in the early months of 2017. Although, Smart have stated that they are unsure when the new forfour will hit the US, if it will at all.

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