Tool Company HSS to Use Mercedes as Upgrade

HSS tool hire have been a company supplying tools and other building equipment to the UK since 1957. With hundreds of outlets across the country and a fleet of around 400 vans, they are using the luxury automotive brand Mercedes in order to upgrade their fleet to comply with the new European emissions legislation.

The new level 6 EU emissions legislation comes into action on the 1st September 2016. The legislation aims to cut down on nitrous oxide which is the main greenhouse gas and pollutant in the air now. Therefore, from when the legislation is put into action, all vehicles will have to comply with this law.


HSS are therefore being the most progressive company by buying vehicles which comply with the laws before the legislation is enforced, rather than buying cheaper vehicles before the deadline. Mercedes are then, the company that are supplying the vans. 40 Mercedes Sprinters have been bought to upgrade HSS’s fleet. This partnership has blossomed because Mercedes are the company which has been paving the way for greener vans. The Sprinters in question have been available to buy since 2013.

So what makes the vans greener? Well they are fitted with EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and BlueTEC SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technologies. The technologies fitted on the vans are at the forefront of any diesel related eco-friendly technologies. The vans are more than eco-friendly too. HSS will also benefit from this purchase with stronger vehicles. The Mercedes Sprinters are equipped with a four-cylinder 143bhp engine which is more powerful than the current fleets capabilities. So not only will the vans be cleaner, they will be more powerful too.

HSS, through Mercedes, are attempting to run the cleanest commercial vehicles available in the country, and with this move, they surely will be in no time at all. It is very rare that you here a good news story concerning emissions these days but finally HSS, and more importantly Mercedes, have delivered.

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