What Does the 2017 S Class Have to Offer?

The S Class has always been the flagship model for Mercedes-Benz. Now, the flagship range is about to enter into its next generation, and we expect it to be the best coupe available on the market. The last S Class that was available for purchase, the W222, is now around two years old and therefore, Mercedes have refreshed their line up in order to attract more buyers to the company which is only gaining more and more popularity as sales increase month on month. So let Servicing Stop try and introduce the rumours that are circulating around the 2017 Mercedes-Benz S550.


What is there to say about this vehicle other than it will be amazing? The vehicle will show the future of luxury performance with interior and exterior aesthetics, technical technology, safety and entertainment.

Automated braking and acceleration, cruise control, updated and technologically advanced airbags, and night vision are just a few of the gadgets that will accompany the S Class. The interior is kitted with leather upholstery, heated seats and steering wheel, a 36-degree camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi amongst many other free and purchasable options and add-ons. The new Mercedes S-Class will certainly encapsulate the future of technology and, the future of automotive engineering.

What about the engine then? Well the S550 is equipped with 4.7 litre V8 engines which with 449 hp and 516 lbs of torque, can produce a 4.7 second time to complete the 0-60mph acceleration test.

Producing a convertible and a coupe version of the S550, Mercedes’ closest rivals will be the BMW 6-series convertible and the Bentley Continental GTC.  But, with the price tag that Mercedes have put on the 2017 S Class, there really should be no worries about how the vehicle will sell. We are sure that it will sell out almost instantly as it is an amazing piece of automotive technology and its drivers will not regret it…

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