Van Recalls

Van-RecallsRecalls can always be a bit worrying for both motoring companies and the consumers who buy them. Recently, Ford has had to issue multiple recalls in the United States and the Takata airbag recall has been dominating the headlines too. But very rarely, you may have a recall which is just a little bit ridiculous, and although safety may be jeopardised, we just can’t stop laughing at Mercedes’ most recent recall.

This most recent recall has occurred because of faulty chemical compounds found in the paint. Because of the dodgy paint, windows may detach from the vehicle a fly off. This is really dangerous but at the same time, funny too. There were multiple levels of paint put onto Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner 2500 and 2600 vans built between April 1st 2015 and October 31st which have now got to be recalled.

If you think that this recall is going to take a long time, then you will be much mistaken. The recall will involve engineers striping down the paint, taking the windows out and replacing them all. So, that won’t be to hard a job to complete. Plus, there are only 55 vans which need to be recalled so the process is definitely going to be quicker than you and us here at Servicing Stop thought originally.

At this moment in time, there have only been reports of this specific recall occurring in the United States  but, it has been rumoured that there may be vehicles across Europe with the same paint and window defect.

We are sure that the recall will be fixed soon and although it is funny, if a window was to fly off then it could be very dangerous for the driver, any other drivers and pedestrians too. Hopefully it will also only be those 55 vehicles and no more.

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