The Mercedes Wireless Charge

The-Mercedes-Wireless-ChargeElectric vehicles are getting more and more high-tech as their popularity amongst the general population increases. Higher general demand, more stringent emissions laws and the fallout from Volkswagens emissions scandal have all contributed towards many automotive companies making huge advancements in their electric vehicles at a much faster pace than expected. Not so long ago we mentioned that the Mercedes S 500 e’s facelift would include wireless charging, and now we have more information on that ambitious project.

Mercedes have stated that they will have the electric wireless charge system ready for when the facelift is unveiled in 2017. This will therefore be a huge step in the advancement of the electric vehicle as plug in charging stations can be substituted for more convenient wireless charging bays.

Much like a smartphone, this technology will utilise electromagnetic fields in order to transfer energy between the station and the car’s battery. Mercedes have stated that they will place a coil in the floor of the vehicle and then under a base plate in the ground where a primary coil will be situated. When the two coils are combined an electrical transformer will create energy, and therefore the battery will be able to charge.

Mercedes believe that these units could easily be placed in an owner’s garage or another protected area. These protected areas may become parking bays in shopping centres or specific streets in the future. The driver will then only have to drive their vehicle over the bay and if the coils match up (in distance), then the vehicle will charge. In order to make this as convenient as possible, Mercedes may include a wireless parking assist within the infotainment screen.

As previously stated, the technology may become reality in 2017 but we don’t expect the charge time to be too quick straight away. This will then change as time progresses. The future certainly looks promising in regards to EV’s and their capabilities…

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