BMW beating Mercedes worldwide

Mercedes is falling behind BMW in the luxury car sales battle with not much left of the year to go. With poor sales in China and new model failing to take off as expected, they are now behind Audi too.

At present Audi is the fastest growing car manufacturer in the world. Within all most major and emerging car markets, Audi are experiencing record increases in sales. Their former boss Johan de Nysschen made implemented a very clever strategy to overturn the fortunes of the company. Previous models appealed to the older generation but de Nysschen decided to target the younger market. Now plenty of young professionals around the world will be seen driving an A3 or A6. They are expected to push Mercedes and BMW in America and India very soon. They are and have been number one in China for a number of years, the world’s biggest car market.

BMW are long established now as the world’s number one luxury car maker. They beat Mercedes last year in what was a very tightly contested battle. The regeneration of the BMW 3 Series has worked wonders and attracted even more customers.
Mercedes are finding it tough. Their rivals are simply not sleeping. They too are fighting for that number one spot.
So far this year, it has been reported that Mercedes have delivered 964,900 cars for the first 9 months of the year. This represents an increase when comparing the same time period in 2011 but are not quite in touch with the likes of Audi and BMW. Sales increased by 132,600 and 53,900 respectively for both companies respectively.

BMW and Mercedes now have an unreachable gap of 145,000 according to official data. Dieter Zetsche, the Chairman of Mercedes accepts that being third is simply not good enough by the company’s high standards. They aim to be the best selling and most profitable car brand by the year 2020. Becoming a profitable car maker is a whole different business compared to being the number one in the world is a completely different ball game. Audi managed to make more profit last year in certain areas even though BMW were the number one best selling manufacturer.
BMW and Mercedes were the main contenders for many years but now Audi are playing a major role.

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