BMW Car crash causes 100k damage at Mercedes-Benz showroom

A car crash involving a BMW in Bolton has caused an estimated £100,000 worth of damage. The driver inside the BMW went through a Mercedes-Benz showroom hitting five luxury cars. The crash occurred at 2am on Saturday the 28th of April.

Chain reaction

The vehicle in question was a white BMW X6 (some reports claim it is an X5) which was well and truly written off. The vehicle had completely turned on its head as it skidded into the showroom causing the damage. The BMW managed to hit the first row of new cars, causing a chain reaction between the collisions of the vehicles. Each Mercedes-Benz on the forecourt was worth an estimated £40,000 each, causing a great amount of damage.

A hunt for the driver

The driver of the BMW who caused the damage has not yet been found. Police have launched a search for the motorist behind the wheel who had made his way out of the vehicle and escaped the wreckage. The passenger of the vehicle was not able to escape from the wreckage and had to be cut out by the emergency services. He was subsequently arrested and taken to a nearby hospital. His questioning from the police was short lived however and he was released pending further inquiries. Cash as well as drugs were found within the vehicle.

A witness

A mechanic who works nearby, Paul Widall witnessed the crash after it had happened. He said “The BMW had flipped over on to its roof. It had hit the kerb, took the barrier out and flipped in mid air before rolling on to a post. There were bits of light and glass and plastic all over the shop.”

A watch commander, Ian Ainsworth was available for comment saying “It looks as though the driver has lost control on the bend and flipped it on to its roof and hit the cars in the garage. They were quite lucky it wasn’t more serious. I think the damage will run into quite a few thousands.”

The Mercedes-Benz garage has not yet been available to make any comments.

Police are on the hunt for the driver. If anyone has any information relating to the crash, they should the police on 0161 856 7201. You are also able to contact anonymously through Crimestoppers, an independent charity. Their number is 0800 555 111.



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