Carbon fibre production spreading at Mercedes-Benz

We could see a carbon fibre E-Class if rumours are to be believed.

Mercedes-Benz is considering extending the current range of the E-Class and could develop an ultra lightweight variant. The weight of the car is estimated to be around 2,860 pounds, a huge decrease of 770 pounds from a normal E-Class. More power will naturally be added to the vehicle thanks the new exterior material. With Mercedes-Benz looking to the future, the car may also use a hybrid or electric engine too. The carbon fibre material would eliminate the need for larger engines to be used, meaning the car’s powertrain can be made lighter and more economical.

A carbon fibre E-Class wouldn’t just represent better economy and performance, it would also allow the designers to sketch up something different to what they may have done before. The car can be designed to be more agile and sportier.

The future

As reported by us in some previous blogs, carbon fibre is the way forward. It allows the car to carry less weight and drag. Fuel consumption along with carbon emissions are dramatically cut when carbon fibre is present throughout the exterior. The performance of the car is naturally enhanced too.

German luxury car producer rivals Audi and BMW have already considered the move with future vehicles. We have heard of the new generation Audi R8 using a carbon fibre chassis along with BMW using the material too with other high profile cars. Carbon fibre body parts may be present amongst some manufacturers at the moment to some extent but many may adopt the material as standard in the future. It may cost more to purchase and be more expensive in comparison to using steel to develop cars, but carbon fibre cars are the future.

Even Lamborghini have started to use carbon fibre more often with newer models.

The problem with many new cars at the moment is their weight. With all the spectacular gadgets and enhanced performance comes an increase in kerb weight. Carbon fibre appears to be a feasible solution.

Like the sound of the carbon fibre E-Class? According to many sources the car may arrive by 2015. There apparently won’t be a shortage on the car either, with 20,000 of them expected to be produced annually.



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