Changing your air filter


Your Mercedes air filter is what keeps your engine breathing clearly, so ensure you take the time to check it for damage and if necessary replace it.

It’s easy to forget about your air filter, but it plays an incredibly important role with regards to your car’s health, fuel economy, and overall performance. It separates the debris, dirt and insects that would otherwise be sucked into the engine. Therefore, it takes quite a hammering over the months and needs to be checked and maintained. It’s wise to change your air filter once a year. A good tactic is to schedule it when your oil is being changed. Here’s what you do when you need to change it:

  • Check your handbook for the correct air filter and visit your Mercedes dealer to order the replacement.
  • Open the bonnet and locate the filter. Make sure the engine is cold before you do this. The air filter is a large black ‘air box’ near either the left or right side of the bonnet.
  • If unsure, check your handbook.
  • Unclip the lid, note which way round the filter is, and take the old filter out.
  • Examine the old filter. It should be clean and clear of debris. If it retains its old colour – the filter part is usually light beige – it will most likely be okay for a bit longer.
  • Replace it if it’s covered in dirt or dust.
  • Drop in the new filter. Make sure it’s the right way round.
  • Replace the air box lid.
  • Fasten the clips.

And that’s it! It’s that simple and easy. If you’re in any doubt though, give us a call on 0800 970 9046 and we’ll go into more detail on the procedure.

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