Ensure your Mercedes-Benz is Autumn ready!

Ensure-your-Mercedes-Benz-is-Autumn-ready!Apart from a few late flourishes, summer has faded away to a pleasant memory. This means over the next few weeks, autumn is going to start getting serious. Okay, we know you’ve driven at this time of year, like a million times before, but it’s always worth that little extra consideration and preparation for what the season might throw at you and your Mercedes. Here are a few tips to have a think about, as the days grow shorter:

  1. Lights. Naturally, at this time of year we spend a lot more time driving in the dark. Therefore, it’s a good idea before you venture out; to make sure your lights are fully functional. You can always use a friend to help you with a lights test (they walk round the car whilst you flash the headlights, taillights, parking lights, brake lights, fog lights, and emergency lights) but if in any doubt, consult a garage to make sure everything is shining as brightly as it should be.
  2. Brakes. Conditions are more difficult at this time of year. Braking is harder because of wet road surfaces and leaf mulch. Make sure your brake fluid levels are topped up, and again, if in any doubt, get a garage to perform a thorough check.
  3. Tyres. Your tyres will be put to the test by the varying driving conditions. Make sure your treads aren’t worn; you’ll need that extra grip! Also, check that they’re properly inflated, the spare tyre too.
  4. Battery. It had it relatively easy over the summer months, but this is the time when your battery is put under a lot more strain, due to all the extra electrical systems you’re going to be using. If it was showing any sign of failing in August (lights dimming, backfiring, problems with electrical systems, etc), try charging it, and if no better – replace it. It’s worth the extra cost when you’re left stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no phone signal and a dead car.
  5. Wipers. Many of us change our wiper blades far too infrequently. Autumn is a good time to do this with plenty of rainy days to look forward to, and leaves falling from trees. Check your blades to make sure they’re not worn, a likely side-effect from the heat of summer. Top your washer fluid up whilst you’re at it.
  6. Defroster. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if your windows fog up, you’ll not be able to see where you’re going. Check your vents and electrical wiring to make sure all your defrosters are working correctly. If in doubt, consult your garage.
  7. Antifreeze. Double check that this is at the right level for your Mercedes-Benz. The damage that can be caused to your engine by insufficient antifreeze levels is significant.

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