How Mercedes-Benz have turned the tables on BMW

BMW were last year’s winners in the American sales charts but Mercedes-Benz have taken the lead thanks to their revitalised line-up of sports utility vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz was America’s number luxury car seller back in 2000. Lexus knocked the German company off their perch and established themselves as long time leaders last decade until BMW saw a rapid rise in sales, becoming number one.So far this year it has been rollercoaster ride for BMW and Mercedes-Benz at the top, with Lexus nowhere in sight.

Audi have been competing and are the fastest growing luxury car manufacturer but are not yet near the BMW and Mercedes-Benz in across the Atlantic. Many have put Mercedes-Benz’s recent success down to refreshes in design. The new M-Class SUV, C-Class Coupe and C-Class Sedan have seen new designs which are finally being taken too.

That’s not all; the Mercedes-Benz GLK compact SUV will hit the American automotive market this August. A GL-Class SUV is set to follow. In terms of worldwide sales, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are fighting are very close. BMW sold 607,207 cars in May for example with Audi selling 600,200 and Mercedes-Benz selling 531,382.Although they may be leading the charts in the United States at the moment, they have a lot of catching up to do throughout the rest of the world.

BMW believe that they will remain the nation’s number one luxury car company thanks to the introduction of the new 3 Series that was introduced in February. An xDrive version of the new BMW 3 Series hits American showrooms during the third quarter along with the brand new BMW X1.

These are expected to increase BMW sales later on during the year. Either way, whoever wins, the battle for being America’s number one luxury car manufacturer is heating up. It has already been a fantastic battle so far throughout the year and will continue to be as the year progresses. Both BMW America and Mercedes-Benz America are confident that they can outwit each other and become number one. The eventual winner is really anyone’s guess.

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