It’s cheaper to insure a Mercedes-Benz than a BMW in America

Research in the United States from has confirmed that BMW drivers are paying 25 per cent more for their car insurance compared to Mercedes-Benz drivers. Could this have an effect in the battle for the number one luxury car spot at the end of the year?

Mercedes-Benz v BMW
Mercedes-Benz and BMW took their rivalry up a notch last year in the United States. Lexus had been the number one luxury car producer for over a decade in the country. However following natural disasters in the Japan, Toyota, Lexus’ owner had to submit to defeat following a disastrous year in the automotive industry. The battle between the two German companies was so intense that neither wanted to be the first to release their end of year sales results in the New Year. It was eventually revealed that BMW had won, but only by just. So far this year sales patterns have been continuously up and down for both companies. They have been at loggerheads with Mercedes-Benz winning one month and BMW winning the other. Mercedes-Benz won the first quarter, again only by a small amount. The eventual winner is anyone’s guess, but will today’s news make any difference?

Comparing the C-Class and the 3 Series
The survey consisted of examining the cost difference of insurance between the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, two mid-size saloon luxury cars. The Mercedes-Benz came out on top in this particular battle, costing $997.63 annually with the BMW costing $1067.06. The average price paid for the BMW 3 Series is 26 per cent up when compared to the C-Class.

Savings are all important
A spokesperson for said that savings on any aspect are all important in this current climate. “We have seen some interesting comparison data come out of these insurance studies. In this current economic climate, a potential savings in the ball park of twenty-five percent on insurance premiums each year can have an especially large impact on financial decisions.” It would appear that insurance costs may be the difference between the two brands on many occasions.

How to lower the cost of insurance has stated many methods of lowering the premiums of BMW vehicles when compared to the Mercedes-Benz average. This includes purchasing a model that has a greater safety rating to lower the cost of insurance premiums.

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