Locally made Mercedes-Benz GLK is produced in China

For the first time ever, a locally made Mercedes-Benz has rolled off the production line China. This is now the third Mercedes-Benz model in China to be locally produced. The SUV was produced at Mercedes-Benz’s production plant in Beijing Benz Automotive Co Ltd.

Dr Wolfgang Bernhard – Growth strategy

The GLK SUV is considered at one of the appealing vehicles worldwide. Dr Wolfgang Bernhard, a Board Member of Daimler AG said how the vehicle’s production represents the company’s growth strategy.

He said “The green light for local production of the GLK in China exemplifies our strategy of global expansion of production close to the market.”

“We are thus supporting our sales success in our regional markets also from the production side, an important contribution to the Mercedes-Benz 2020 growth strategy.”

Ulrich Walker – Importance of the Chinese market

Ulrich Walker, the Chairman of Daimler Northeast Asia emphasised just how popular the GLK variant is in China and how important the Chinese automotive is. He said “The GLK has proved to be enormously popular with customers here in China, so it is an ideal addition to our line-up of locally-produced vehicles.”

“Nothing represents our long-term commitment to China more tangibly than the production of vehicles in China itself: The localized production of further Mercedes-Benz models is an important element of our growth strategy for the Chinese market.

As early as 2015 we expect to locally produce two-thirds of all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars sold in China. The start of production of the GLK is another important milestone towards this goal.”

Frank Deiss – More locally produced Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Frank Deiss, the President & CEO of Beijing Benz Automotive Co stated the importance of the GLK being locally produced and gave indication that it paved the way for further models to be produced locally. He said “The GLK adds to the locally-produced Long-wheel-base E-Class and new C-Class, and complements other current investments in BBAC, including the new engine plant and R&D Center. We’re also planning local production of additional Mercedes-Benz models,”

Success for Mercedes-Benz in China this year

Mercedes-Benz is now doing quite well in the world’s largest automotive market after some periods of uncertainty. They have sold 168,940 vehicles in China and Hong Kong from January to November of this year. This represents an increase of 29.9% compared to the same period last year. In fact Mercedes-Benz China has already outsold their total annual sales in 2010 with a month to spare.


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