MacGyver to get the strongest possible partner in the Citan

MacGyver, a famous secret agent is set to make a return thanks to Mercedes-Benzes. The German luxury car company have created a number of short movies in celebration of releasing their brand new Citan model. Lovers of the MacGyver series and the new Citan MPV model will get to see the movies on the 18th of September. There will be a brand new dedicated Citan website which will host the whole Series.

The Mercedes-Benz Citan is perfectly suited for any type of secret agent. The vehicle has a great deal of functionality and practicality too. As you can imagine, MacGyver will have plenty of weapons and gadgets at his disposal. There are plenty of neat storage spaces available for him to put his equipment away safely.

Secret agents may be involved in high speed chases or dangerous road stunts. In that respect the Citan has a great deal of safety features. MacGyver will be as safe as possible!

Better yet the Mercedes-Benz Citan is also very cheap to run. MacGyver will not have to spend too much on fuel costs or replacement parts.

During times of difficulty when MacGyver needs to slip through tight spots to catch his enemy, he will have the perfect type of vehicle in the Citan. Those sharp corners will handled quite well by the sporty multipurpose vehicle. The vehicle has quite a good balance at high speeds. It is also importantly able to accelerate in quick fashion and catch up with adversaries in an instant. Higher up the variant levels there is greater power available. If it’s power and speed that MacGyver requires, the Mercedes-Benz Citan is easily able to cater for that.

The car’s versatility suits MacGyver’s daily routine perfectly. Every day is not the same in the life of a secret agent. The Mercedes-Benz Citan has plenty of variants which are able to adapt to the different personalities of the secret agent. These include a Mixto, Crewbus and a panel van. Needless to say, the vehicle comes with endless options allowing MacGuyver to design the Citan how he wants.

The car will be on full display at the International Commercial Vehicle Show in September, perfectly timed for when MacGyver’s movies will be shown.

As the official press release says, every Hero needs a strong partner. MacGyver and the Mercedes-Benz Citan make the perfect partners.


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