Maybach call it a day

The Maybach brand have now discontinued for 2013. It was made official last month. The Mercedes-Benz super luxury marquee was simply not making up the desired sales figures.

The brand was first originated in 1909. It has a very rich and proud history. The very first engines to come from the company were at the time revolutionary on German roads. As a profitable car business, they were never meeting expected targets. The luxury car company was originally meant to compete with the likes of Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Since BMW have Rolls-Royce and Volkswagen has Bentley, Mercedes-Benz clearly didn’t want to be left out. They wanted to purchase the aging company and turn it into a luxury marquee car killer. It didn’t work out.

A concept car came in 1997 and the production model was shown off in 2002.  As the brand started out, the main aim was to sell up to 1,000 to 2,000 every year but in actual fact there were only around 100 being sold annually. The problem was that the car is aimed at the super super rich. Many of them were worried that the vehicle that were buying was perhaps too exclusive, meaning they could become targets for kidnappers, as once warned by the Chief of Rolls Royce. Some of you may not have even heard of the brand. It was that exclusive. Only the super rich and famous own one. Jay Z, James Caan, P.Diddy and Kanye West were prime examples.

As time went on the Maybach brand had adopted the Mercedes-Benz S-Class architecture. This particular decision was questioned by experts and fans alike. Many would have preferred a brand new type of ground breaking architecture, developed uniquely for the brand itself.
It was towards the end of 2012 when the news was first heard that the Maybach brand would be dropped. Mercedes-Benz planned to simply phase it out. Everything has occurred ahead of plans as production came to halt this year.

As the S-Class architecture was installed within the vehicle, the company believe that the new generation of S-Classes will help make up losses. The S600 Pullman is due out in the year 2014. A lot of hope has been placed on this vehicle’s shoulders to becoming one of the company’s most decorated vehicles. If the vehicle really is the replacement of Maybach, it will hardly need to sell any

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