Mercedes armours up for bulletproof civilian car

“Are you a particularly disliked individual? Do you have powerful enemies? Or do you live in a particularly rough area? Then we have the car for you!” – how we imagine Mercedes to advertise this new bulletproof car.

Mercedes unveiled their Maybach S600 Guard model, which has been certified the first fitted with the highest ballistic protection for civilian vehicles.


If being literally life saving isn’t enough to impress, the car is packed with impressive specs. It replicates the Maybach S600’s V12 engine with its 523bhp bi-turbo, 6.0 litre V12. Though there hasn’t been confirmation of an actual weight of the car, the extra hardware required to stop a bullet would understandably weigh a bit, so it can be expected to weigh considerably more than the standard Mercedes Maybach’s 2,335 kilograms.

Germany’s Federal Office of Criminal Investigation approved the car and its bulletproof claims ‘without any constraints’ which we can only assume means they all stood in a line and shot at the car in what is potentially the best day of work anyone has ever had. The testing criteria is not accessible to the public domain due to safety and security reasons, so we can’t be sure as to how or what the car needed to endure to earn its stripes. The car’s protection comes via the steel integrated into the gaps between the body structure and outer skin, while materials are also overlapped at critical points. The laminated windows are thicker than average and coated with polycarbonate on the interior for splinter protection. There’s under-body armouring that will protect against explosive devices set beneath the car, a very real concern for the everyday civilian. A major draw for this model is that unlike military vehicles, the Guard’s cleverly disguises the bulletproof characteristics. The trick with the Maybach Guard is that it aims to provide time for the driver to escape an ambush or attack with everyone unharmed.

So how much would this bodyguard-on-wheels set you back, if you happen to be paranoid or have a ransom on your head? The Mercedes Maybach S600 Guard is retailing for €470,000 plus VAT, which works out to be around £366,000. The NHS is free though so it might just be easier to be shot… Just a suggestion.

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