Mercedes-Benz extend lead over BMW in the United States

As the year is coming closer to drawing a close, it is Mercedes-Benz that has managed to extend their lead over rivals BMW.

Mercedes-Benz USA has now extended their lead by 7 per cent in September. This now means that they are 5,221 ahead of BMW sales.

The brand new Mercedes-Benz C-Class has helped sales head up the charts. The rejuvenated GLK compact sports utility vehicle has also helped enhance the company’s prospects. Altogether, September sales reached 23,156 in the last month alone. BMW’s sales also increased but by only 0.1 per cent with them selling 21,761. Lexus, the Japanese luxury brand who currently experiencing a brilliant resurgence after last year’s earthquake, experienced an increase by 36 per cent to 20,386.From January to September, Lexus sales have increased by 26 per cent to a brilliant 170,990.

BMW were the No.1 top seller in the United States last year, outselling Mercedes-Benz USA but only by just. The battle was so tight that neither wanted to release their results first at the start of this year. Before BMW, Lexus were the number brand in American within the luxury division, holding the title for 11 years. In the end BMW sold 2,715 more than their close German rivals. If Mercedes-Benz wins the battle this year, this would mean there would be three different winners over three separate years.

BMW are still confident that patterns will change and that they will remain as the number one car brand in 2012. They also have released a brand new version of their 3 Series along with a new X1. BMW believe that these weapons will help them in their quest to regain their position. The BMW America Chief, Ludwig Willisch was quoted to have said that what really matters are the final standings on New Year’s Day.

Cadillac, another luxury brand saw sales fall by 1.3 per cent to 12,579 in September, who are nowhere reaching the number spot.
It will not be surprising to hear that Audi have also seen experienced gains of 26 per cent in September with sales hitting 12,302 in total. Although they may not be challenging for the number one spot, they are the fastest growing luxury brand in the world.  Sooner or later they will catch up with BMW and Mercedes-Benz USA.

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