Mercedes-Benz GLA

Mercedes-Benz’s upcoming mini SUV looks like it will enter a unique segment in the UK car market, rivalling the likes of the BMW X1 and the Range Rover Evoque. The release of the Mercedes-Benz GLA will come as a consolation after the company confirmed that the GLK will be released here.

What’s it’s name?

It’s been through the mill when it came to deciding on what name to give the car. First it was called the BLK and then the GLC now it has been named the GLA.

The MFA platform shared

Looking at it, the car appears to resemble an A-Class and B-Class combined. In many ways all models are very similar. The car shares exactly the same wheel architecture as the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and the B-Class, with that being the MFA platform of the wheelbase measuring 2,700mm and offering 500 litres of space.

Similar size in terms of dimensions

The size of the GLA is similar to that of the B-Class with a length of 4440 mm width reading of 1800 mm width and 1500 mm of height. This makes the car slightly larger than the Range Rover Evoque and the Audi Q3. Only the BMW X1 beats it in terms of having a larger wheelbase.

Sportier looks

The Mercedes-Benz GLA has sharp styling with a sporty looking profile. In that sense it may offer something different to rivals as it has a sportier type of approach. Rivals appear to look slightly bulkier.

Four cylinder engine – diesel and petrol available

There will be a four cylinder engine under the bonnet of the GLA. There will both a diesel and petrol variant, coming with turbo diesel and direct injection technology respectively. There will also be front or four wheel drive transmissions available too.

Release date

The release date of the Mercedes-Benz GLA is expected to be towards the end of next year. The Mercedes-Benz CLA is expected to arrive on the market before that in the spring of 2013.

The likes of Audi and BMW will be taking notice. Their X1 and Q3 variants will have some stiff competition from a model that is newer and fresher. Many expect the Mercedes-Benz GLA to add some dynamism to the market, giving buyers a more attractive option. Will the car sell well? In our opinion it is perhaps the best option, offering a great performance and practicality without the bulk.


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