Mercedes-Benz just behind Toyota as the world’s leading car brand

According to Interbrand, Mercedes-Benz is second to Toyota in being the world’s leading car brand.

In what respect did Mercedes-Benz come up just behind Toyota as the world’s best car brand? Interbrand judged brand’s in their purchasing decisions and their ability to make become more profitable. Afterwards a list of 100 brands was produced, all of which ranked depending on how well they performed according to the previously stated criteria.

The final list contained other major brands across different industries such as Microsoft, Coca Cola, Google and IBM. Other car companies in the final top 100 list included Ford, Honda and Ford. Toyota’s position was very surprising to many as their cars were recalled due to safety fears. The disaster in Japan affected business severely. That made their 11th position that bit more surprising.

Interbrand said that Mercedes-Benz were the best at providing customer satisfaction when comparing them to the rest of the car brands.  Their comments also make very interesting reading as they suggested that the Mercedes-Benz appeal wasn’t all about their luxury tag, but is becoming more focused on their newly launched BlueEfficiency package. However many automotive experts would certainly disagree with that being the main attraction as to why the Mercedes-Benz brand has done so well.

A statement from the company said “Mercedes outranks all other automotive brands in terms of customer loyalty and satisfaction. With its new model rollout, Mercedes has responded to a market that is quickly evolving in favor of green technologies. Half of the product line is available with its BlueEfficiency package, and its Daimler “Car2Go” car-sharing mobility concept recently launched.”

Mao Jingo, the Vice President and Head of Marketing for Mercedes-Benz were interviewed regarding their recent success in the brand list. She named the company’s success in China as a main factor to their branding success amongst other reasons.

She said “We are very proud of our achievements in China. As an innovative brand, we are confident that we will bring innovative marketing campaigns to China.”

Cars in the top brand list

  1. Toyota
  2. Mercedes Benz
  3. BMW
  4. Honda
  5. VW
  6. Ford
  7. Audi
  8. Hyundai
  9. Porsche
  10. Nissan
  11. Ferrari


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