Mercedes-Benz looking to implement new engine technology

One reason why Mercedes-Benz are considered by many as the best luxury auto manufacturer in the world is the type of technology that their car’s use.

Mercedes-Benz are looking forward and thinking of new ways to deliver the highest quality to their customers.

According to sources, the company are looking to build smaller engines that are naturally more fuel efficient and economical but at the same time are not compromised for power and lasting quality. We recently published an article stating that Mercedes-Benz will join forces with Nissan in a deal that see the Japanese company building engines for the company. Perhaps this was used as a major type of inspiration to bring about the idea of downsizing engines across the board.

Engine cylinder technology has recently been dipping as engine production has evolved. Experts believe that the sound of the engine may be increased and made to sound better through various methods that are not possible in the company’s current V6 and V8 engines.

The Mercedes-Benz DICE Augmented Reality System

Las Vegas was the scene for Mercedes-Benz to showcase their latest piece of innovative technology. The DICE mentioned in the title stands for Dynamic and Intuitive Control Experience. As you can probably guess from the title, the technology really is something to be admired and excited about, T

In essence the system is an augmented reality based interface. It allows owners to handle various different features of their vehicles infotainment system in quite a unique way. Hand movements are used in order to navigate through the options.

The system is nowhere near production or release. The system that was showcased was not the official one to be released, as it isn’t finished yet. Instead Mercedes-Benz decided to showcase the system through what was considered a mock of what is to come in the future.

Users got to experience a simulated drive through town whilst being able to utilise the DICE features through hand movements. Working like magic, the functionalities were seen on the dashboard with further integration into the windshield.

It is very futuristic to say the least. Having this type of technology within a car removes the need to essentially press buttons. We would love to see the technology arrive one day.



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